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September 2016

You are the Most Important Part of the Equation 

Make sure to take care of yourself before you try to take care of or consider someone else’s circumstances.  Without you well and functioning there will be nothing to work on and with.   

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You Just had a Breakthrough 

Real accomplishments are those that are unseen. 

 Real accomplishments are those that give you your will to live when you feel like you’ve lost it.  

Real accomplishments are the ones that give you the spark back into your motivation and drive to do what you love. 

Real accomplishments are those inner peace moments. 

Real accomplishments are the ones that are breakthroughs.

Real accomplishments are the ones that make you want to wake up every moment.

Silent accomplishments triumph over material ones.  

I found myself in yet the same whirlwind of thoughts that often result in the blog post I write which would hopefully resonate with at least one of my viewers.  Its often the case for me that I find myself thinking and worrying and driving myself up the wall because I can’t seem to balance my mind.  Due to this unfortunate and uncomfortable set back I notice that I’ve been feeling down and unwell.  Your mind is the portal to your overall health even if you find yourself physically ill.  It’s as important to take care of your mind as it is to take care of your body.  The correlation between the two is interconnected.   If you think negatively then your perception of life and things around you tend to become more gloomy and dark, and so does your perception of yourself which will harm you in the long run.  Negative self-talk is one of the main contributors to negative self-perception which can lead you to building a foundation of mental illness and self-hate even if its not intentional.  You’ll even find that things like anxiety and depression have physical symptoms because of the correlation between your body and your mind.

Just a few reminders:

  • Think and talk positive about yourself
  • Don’t worry
  • Take a moment to appreciate everything good that has happened
  • Don’t think too far in the future
  • Do one task at a time if you have a busy day
  • Be happy
  • Settle your nerves with positive notions of a situation
  • Be optimistic but rational as well
  • Don’t sell yourself short
  • Be proud of your accomplishments
  • Don’t lie to yourself
  • If you have a goal, keep it and work toward it
  • Receive compliments
  • Take care of your mental well being even if that means cutting off negative people
  • Be comfortable with being alone sometimes
  • Treat yourself once in awhile, you deserve it!
  • Know when you had enough
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Don’t give people explanations to things that are none of their business
  • Have private time to yourself to recuperate from the world
  • Love yourself and know when to slow down your everyday routine
  • Make sure to eat healthy and drink water
  • Sleep!
  • Talk to people who are there for you
  • Ask for help. It’s a sign of strength!
  • Don’t overwork your body
  • Encourage yourself to keep going even if you find yourself discouraged at past outcomes

Remember that there are people who love and care about you even if you don’t know them personally (like me!).  Take care of your mental well-being because you are important and you deserve to feel overjoyed to live.

Keep being great and conquering everyday even if its not easy.

A Personal Confession

These words came with tears so I hope you can sympathize.  This is depth therapy:

Lately I’ve really been hating my body but through the lens of my mind coming out my eyes.  A portal of perspective.  Hear me out.

This is not one of those “pick your head up because things will get better” but a “this is a real life struggle kid so learn from it” pieces so look at this…

Just one picture can twist the notion of a once fooled concept of self-acceptance because you thought you began to love “the skin your in” but the reality of it is…

the concept is once you begin it can never regress but my regression looks so good it resembled progression like walking backwards I wanted to say “I love you” but instead I said…

I thought I got over the feeling that my thighs are not the size of the American dream or the white picket fence or the its not what it seems, but its the rugged and thick concept of oppression and prejudice, the judgemental reality that not all words are the truth or not all smiles signify happiness but covering up the reality because the sacred is watching you, you want to see the day where the light is so bright that all this will soon fade away into an oblivious sense of brainwashing…

I thought I would wake up and it would be one of those dreams where you were running from a symbol of your subconscious fears but its not because the tears were real and so were those people

The ones that said that they want you and would stay, but that was just you talking to yourself because you have to really learn to mean what you say in your head like I will start that today and I will end that tomorrow but you don’t…

Instead you give excuses and let your self-talk ruin your self-image constantly digging the hole you call home 

But this ends today

The body that was once in ruins under the ashes like pompeii will rise and become the volcano that took you from existence.  You are no longer going extinct or becoming a personal museum for onlookers to talk or to taste but you will climb from your ashes into an unknown place.

You will not be scared to be strange or to not fit in because you are the one who is meant to change the existing archetypal skin, the status quo, and the origins.

Today marks a holiday where you declared your independance and come back from war, where you remembered what was and proclaim that your dead exterior will fall and let your new interior reveal itself.

You are not what you were yesterday and tomorrow you will be better than right now. So if you hate your body now, start the process to make that perception change tomorrow.

If you were looking for your purpose in life stop looking because its to be who you are to the people you encounter.  There’s no other purpose but to continuously labor on yourself even if that means sleepless night and uncomfortable situations.  

Life is not meant to work for others, but to work on yourself in the pursuit to become something that will shatter negativity, punch fear in the face and to help others in that same process.

You have work to do so I suggest you take one day at a time to appreciate all that you are because no one will be ready for the power that will be you in the future.

Freedom Quote: Loneliness is a State of Mind 

Original quote

I Crave Rainbows 

The sudden craving of rainbows made me wonder why it rained so often
Why the gray skys made nights seem longer
The longing for the suns rays to pierce my pale white face
I wonder why the rain beating against my window pane made me think of flowers declaring beauty on the cracked concrete starting car crashes and lawsuits
Wondering how the injustice of self-hate created another cold war in my veins
No direct casualties but a need to bleed out the pain
Why the salty water coming from the stress in my body I became terminally ill with disgust from insomnia with the lack of control to stop the beating of my own insanity
The running of my thoughts winning the gold and beating the world record
I became slave to the negative notion that I must hide from danger
But still
The sudden craving of rainbows made me wonder why it rained so often

You have Intrinsic Value and Worth 

Your value and worth is immeasurable and cannot be determined or judged by someone elses actions or thoughts. 

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