Image of two women with blue dresses, brown hair and brown skin. One side the woman is slouchy, sad, and fat, and the other side the woman is skinny, happy, and smiling. Tect state "Mirrors are liars" "Sometime I see this" (the pretty , happy girl) "other times I see this" (the other sad girl) "And I don't know which is the real me"
Mirrors are liars image. Taken from

It’s interesting how we create our own self-image.  Our eyes, with all of our self-expectations, self -values, biases, and judgments are projected through mirrors.  How we see ourselves vary tremendously based on how we feel  in a given time and place.  Mirrors are not liars.  I would have to disagree with the image above.  We have to be consistent with our self-image in order to see the self we want to see.  We may want to be the image on the left, but we feel like the image on the right, neither image has to be who we are, however.  If we can find a basis of self-acceptance then it doesn’t matter where we are, how we feel when we come across a mirror, or who we find ourselves with.

If we love who we are, if we create our own self-image based on our own appreciation for ourselves then no mirror can sway our self-perception.